The candlemaker

A candle idea

A few years ago I was searching for gift ideas for my daughter Alyssa's seventh birthday. A few months prior, while visiting my native Ukraine, I was at an eco-friendly products fair and saw beeswax candles in various shapes and sizes made by locals. There's an old tradition in Eastern Europe of making carved candles from natural beeswax. An idea was born to make a candle as a gift for my daughter. My aim was to make something unique, unusual and straight from the heart. I started to look up patterns I thought would look nice and settled on a calm wave pattern that would wrap around the entire candle and peak at the wick. The pattern would be simple, yet interesting, effective, yet not overpowering. The "Oasis" candle was born. The first shape was a 3"x3" pure beeswax pillar which I gifted to my princess on her birthday. She was quite excited to receive such an unusual candle that she's never seen before. 

Oasis 3" Pure Beeswax Pillar

Carrying on

With my background in computer 3D graphics, I was used to creating and visualizing virtual objects. The experience of creating my first candle, something I could feel, touch and use, opened up a new creative avenue to explore. I experimented with a few more patterns and came up with Incandescence, Passion, Pebbles and Love as siblings to Oasis. The decision was made to turn this into a business and keep growing the beeswax candle family. First to go on sale were 3.5" round candles in the five patterns. A couple months later 3"x3" pillars were added, followed by large 3"x6" pillars. It was now time to try new candle types and three of the designs were turned into tealight candles - Oasis, Incandescence and Heartmelters. 12" Beeswax Tapers followed. They are also available in six wonderful colours to fit any space. We are now up to 21 different candle types and patterns as well as various sets and combinations.

Pure Beeswax Round Candles

Down the road

There are many more candle styles to make an ideas to implement and you can expect new designs realized in the sweet aroma of pure natural beeswax. The core principle is to keep candle designs simple and effective and at the same time obviously related. "A modern take on a classic beeswax candle" as one of our wonderful clients put it. 

 BC Candles Candlemaker

Igor Negrebetskiy